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chest failed to detect any marked alteration in the lung tissue. The

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Merionethshire William J. Jlorton New South Wales Edwin Priestley

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tinued in varying degree through March April May and June.

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opponent at home. Mr Gordon Holmes contents himself with the ex cathedrO

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when strained readily passes through the tubes. If the curdling of

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retained seven days when a No 10 was substituted. During this time

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Professor I ierret of Lyons has shown me sections of the medulla

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of from fifty to a hundred square inches or by wrapping a flexible

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induction coil were not suited to solve the problems presented. Pro

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was distres.sed with dysimic.i and was extremely pallid with blanched

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deaths in Upper Holloway was charged at the Central Criminal Court

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was extremely bad owing to the delay in sending the patients for

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the text books have never seemed to me sufficient. Physiologists ar

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undertook work sooner than he should have done. He was admitted

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for Scotland and only two for Ireland which will be extremely

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June we inadvertently fell into an error which was also commit t

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believe that the money value of each trained European soldier in India

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f remedies are called for.and in some cases neither will be really

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functional nature of the illness we have the following facts. There

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ments of hypertrophy of which nothing further need be said in this

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weighed and incinerated. A fresh sample of ten cubic centimetres is

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indeed a subject of which the candidate must show at all events a

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necessity for the existence of a special Army Sanitary CommiMon

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line mixed and tried on a small area seemed to make him decidedly

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once concluded from observations previously made that the patient

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the inconvenience which results therefrom. Recourse to this method

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Indeed he sometimes erred in the opposite direction for in his very

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she had a severe rigor vomiting and acute hepatic pain while the

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a table near at hand and drank copiously. Alarming symptoms im

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conducted the inquiry state as follows. The Board cannot but

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usually went round the wards three times every half hour. All who

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valvular disease hypostatic congestion of the lungs and nutmeg liver.

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has been edited by Mr. AVatson Cheyne. In addition to the re

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Leishman s voluntary class on Diseases of Women has this year

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for several years for the latter affection slie wore a pessary. She

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ophthalmia which led to total blindness. He had gonorrhai when