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traclieotomy was one which he Dr. Bennett believed should never be

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law in motion but an aggrieved householder would be clearly within

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anyone can be registered as a medical practitioner he shou d get a

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a supplementary charter to aflford facilities and accommodation to

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Since admis.sion the growth h.as increased in si ie rapidly and now

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useful work done by this and kindred institutions is deserving of

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and consequently give rise to similar abnormalities of function and

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of the figure of S and wave movements made in walking and swimming.

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specialists. The general practitioner probably on account of a

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Thus Meister was inoculated thirteen times in ten days. At

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which is needful for the repair of wounds still when the matter

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might theorise as they pleased. It was not necessary to prove the

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mittee but who resigned on being appointed Registrar Uencral for

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nematoid worms in a state of great activity on a slide containing a

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it and was very much snriwisedto find the child s hand as described.

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Schofield concluded Ids discourse by recommending those present to

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tields and Assistant Ophthalmic Surgeon to University Col ege Hos

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rigors and temperature ranging as high as 108. The body was

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ment proposed to deal with before going to the country ilr. Gi.ADSTOifB

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have entered for them than on any previous occasion. At present

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memorialise the Council thereon notwithstanding previous discourage

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Chapot aged 43 and his daughter aged 14 were both bitten on

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jl shaU.be most happy send anyone a pamphlet with my theory fully

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circumstance was due his strong affection for everything which had

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and for the first few days necessarily suffered some inconvenience from

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Apt Amendment Bill which we foreshadowed in our issue of March

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or its body was chiefly considered but not to the entire exclusion of

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of the subject as a whole In flLc f t consideration

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Professor Pitrf.s of ISonleanx indicates a new sign in auscultation.

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held in the City in the week previous to Hospital Sumlay and tb