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The interval that must elapse before a patient whose breast has been

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presented with an address by the medical students of Aberdeen on

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The Bordeaux Medical Journal contains a scries of articles by Dr. E.

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An adjourned meeting of this Society was held on May 20th for the

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nishes to rise again during convalescence. This has sometimes led

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f either patients or attendants working patients are allowed milk.

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about a foot from the ileo cjecal valve and projected from the lower

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So now with the College of Physicians if their career had been

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perineal lithotomy has been unsatisfactory in its results when applied

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The water theory formulated by Snow had nothing to do with par

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Further the patient was one of ten children and all of them sutfered

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ticularly the left being pressed forwards and away from the middle line.

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this he attended the CoUege examinations which were concluded on

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the brain except when separated by patches of thick yellow pus.

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the femoral vein. Thrombosis of a large vein from an altered state of

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When left alone the fluid was absorbed leaving only desquamation.

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the artificial product obtained from carbolic acid liowever much it may

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Hughes confined in an asylum. We understand that in August 18S4

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Post office Orders should be made payable to the British Medical Assocmtion

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two public bodies were associated together for the election of one

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found not guilty and formally discharged from the dock to reappear

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tetanus can be avoided and therefore its occasional fatal influence in

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but not later than Monday May 31st. Joseph W. Hunt Honorary Secretary

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produced by aspergillus .sections of liver and kidney with bacillus of

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ally results from the action of their antagonists gives rise to another

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quantity of which had been taken by an unmarried woman as an

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sinking to 2 200 ohms. He used small platinum electrodes ljxl in.

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honorary rank. His commission as Assistant Surgeon dates from September 30th

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or as shown by Dr. Pavy from section of the sympathetic filaments

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pachymeningitis following syphilitic ostitis was a rare though recog