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M. Pasteur has embodied in a second paper read to the Acail

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of the Local Government Board would be better able to see that the

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had extended to five years. Dr. Eddison spoke of the futility of

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Two French chemists Messrs. Hembert and Henry are stated to

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portant duties and the active part he has taken in connection with

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read notes of a case of Spontaneous thromTjosis which simulated

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Hitherto it has been the custom to regard all non malignant forms

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and the fact that both the amputation cases recovered. It was neces

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Mr Macvamara hoped that the Senate of the University of Lon

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Glasgow. The 11 fatal cases of diarrhcea differed but slightly from recent

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the twenty eight towns were not certified either by registered medical practi

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and ability combined with judgment he appeared peculiarly well

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tioned below. 13. He had only seen two males affected with the

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verbosely discussed in the daily papers. The constitution of the Board

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Mastoid Process with remarks on the Prevention of Septic F.mbolism lli

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the recommendation of the Sanitary Committee increased the saU

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an ovariotomy we give a lapidly acting purgative it matters not

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live when such fees are taken. JTo senior consulting physician or

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introduce this medicine to the profe.ssion. I have no doubt others I

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