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body we would open the sac and return the intestines

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on the following morning an acidulated saline purge and

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Applied to a procees for mounting artificial teeth

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Cook county. Then he became Surgeon of the Police and Fire Department.

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ally the extremities of the long bones and the bones

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for lodgment of the optic chiasm. PoBterolat sral g.

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protrusion from the abdominal cavity. The boy has a

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ii When writing advertisers please mention this Journal.

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of bons osseous ring encircling an Haversian canal.

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soon afterward of Dr. Brainard s interest. This building was located on the

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in human milk it should not be given to nursing mothers

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for air. and also complained of an intolerable formi

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vertebra near the origin of the transverse process

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revealed to us. In how few cases have they been ad

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brethren my conviction that any advance In the healing

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practice but he would have scarcely proved true to paternal tradition and

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B. nerve les ser inferior gluteal branch of the sacral

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otid gland and unites with the internal maxillary to

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ity to form pbnkses or express one s self in connected

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a teacher. Repeated illustrations of the veneration and love in which he was

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Tuberculosis North American Practitioner October 1896 Vol. 8 In

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tribe for cnuhing the bue of the skull of the foetus.

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reputed to be useful in chronic dysentery. V. pere

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proceed a little further in considering the general ques

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have seen that the vital force in its essential character

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one of the branches supplying the external auditory

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in relation to distortion and disability. No Dissertation received.

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extent of 238 if sundry examination expenses formerly included

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utricle and the saceulua. There are three conti uous

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college boy s health again failed and for another diversion after a brief

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a form of interstitial neuritis produced by the Bacil

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of the surgeons of the Grand Trunk Railway Company and most of the

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artery. B. Mrebella rU from posterior spinal artery

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