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Kohert Bell 11. D Physician to the Glasgow Institution for Diseases

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he left the hospital well and I hare not seen him since.

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Before undertaking the supply of apparatus the Medical Subcom

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number of short papers and reports of cases as well as the statistical

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stances such as those the President had described. As to

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liminary examination and then two if not three years more must

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cases of scarlet fever occurred among consumers ot the milk. Hvras

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semblance of such cells to those in the subcutaneous tissue of the

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caste classes to content themselves by flinging the corpse into the

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liyrexia. It might be considered however a symptom of weakness

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patient returned with a fresh attack of sympathetic irritation and the

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future owing to Dr. Fagge s recommendation. The extensive use

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He of course laid no claim to novelty in his paper and

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cold. He also mentioned one case in which recovery appeared to be

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Treatment by pres.sure was finally determined on and being concurred

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Section of Public Health to hold a discnssfoR on The Dtritition of

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that the advice should be given for the instruction of the practitioner

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gentle lest the tubes be burst or inflammation intensified. He thought

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and rendering the position of the general practitioner often insecure

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of a contracted uterus could be felt. Jly patient now became very

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