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was not a proper one. Absalom W. Head who stated that he was
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obserrers and was it iul armony with actual knowledge of physiology
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leaves Aberdeen with tho good wishes of its inhabitants for in him
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proceeded from a ruptured intestine but it had no fau al odour and
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idini for dissection in regard to which at that time medical
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The soil is composed mainly of alluvial deposit debris from the
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sented iu carrying his protest somewhat too lar. There is no other
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fence and suggesting explanations of the presence of 12 grains of mor
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ther way than by motor action. It is of course wholly outside
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were apparently syphilitic tliere was iritis with ciliary congestion
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verbosely discussed in the daily papers. The constitution of the Board
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fo.iMtd chest the flatteued pelvis the twisted and bent limbs
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On January 27th very severe and persistent vomiting set in. Abso
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gerous companion for any young man with normal sexual instincts and
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indication of dyspnoea especially if the surgeon bo not likelj to be
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provide bearer com panics and field hospitals for the volunteer forces.
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elastic ligature removed and the wound stitched up. The whole
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led. ed It occurrence in voung men in unmarried women and the
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OWENS COLLEGE Manchester. Profe ssor of ChemUtry. Applications to the
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which Charcot has found to be unduly sensitive in hysterical subjects.
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and he alter the usual examination signed an order for her remoral
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the following clause Jtci islration of foreign dcgrcs Md bi rfgisimd
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months ending September 29th 52 238 admitted into workhouses for
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T was loud and high pitched temperature 99 pulse S6 fairly good
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coedingly ill with a tmupcraturo of 102. G Fahr. When examined
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large amount of tube casts most of them containing renal epithelium
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Tub following case 1 think deserves publication although its details
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universities would resist the proposul. The teaching of anatomy iu
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au increase of temperature qjickly follows the injection. hen uime
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le universally volunteered theory of having caught cold rests on
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sentence that hia centres have met with opposition from all
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friends and acquaintances who are ax liable to functional disorder as
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sical signs at first were such as to exclude pleurisy with effusion
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great doubts for chemical reasons into which it is not necessary to
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able communica ion at the Olten meeting was that of Dr Stocker of
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pernicious amemia in all probability depend upon the introduction
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tlie preliminary work. A year s residence in London after the cx
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tion that an alkaloid having a deliriant action was developed during
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It is frequently stated that a point f l f enlargement and
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any other disturbing influence but quickly falls asleep again. Sleep
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Presentation. OnAVednesday April 2Sth at theRadcliffe Infirm
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as expedient to remove other members of the family from the area or
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somewhat in excess of the average owing to epidemics of measles aud
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to be subsetiuently issued will be biscd upon the information afforded
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Congress to be held in the United States next year will be so
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and reticence concealed much of the warmth of a most tender heart.
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res ect that the mother was born healthy and had only acquired
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abolished and what is called the improved arm with elbow and
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are often indebted to his reports for information of general value and
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I lythema nodosum with three of the attacks. Sore throat including
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which it was considered better to arrange otherwise. The epidemic
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attended with advantage is carefully defined. Chapters on the pby
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draft scheme which Lord Justice Fry will we have reason to believe
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largest size of Barnes s bags. The subject of the paper could
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eian at the London Hospital that while the patellar reflex was ex
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detect romance in the study of obstetrics will seem to many people.
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down and become diffused. It separated in a few days and was not
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is considered that the acutest. S 5 t Xient it is not diflioult
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conditions are very characteristic of physiological albuminuria and
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nancy. She suffered from severe dragging pa m tb umbihcal
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water are being charged for water upon the full rateable value of the
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and has exposed unsparingly the fallacies into which he believes
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in Japan of an Imperial University consisting of an University Hall
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ifvcs no doubt this would be possible if the fortress were placed in
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DENTAL HOSPITAL OF LONDON Leicester Sauare. Dental Surgeon. Appli
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puric.acid also appears in the urine when benzoic acid is swallowed
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of the catarrhal condition of the respiratory tract which is a pro
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private enterprise the Government despatched an official to inqui
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and published in the Journal in accordance with By law 26.
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junctiva on 8kia also some operations for detachment of the retina.
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two and was situated over the radial aspect of the left forearm.
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efficiency of the European Army of India. The decennial averages of